Zaimi1920Zaimi and Tositsa st.


todayToday's state of the building


ανακαινησηRenovation Proposal




the new building in Zaimi st.

The building which is going to be the Spyropoulos Museum is an under preservation multi storey block in the quarter of Exarchia, of particular architectural character. It will permanently house the exhibition of Spyropoulos' works, 365 art project, the contemporary collections of greek Artists and all the programs of the Foundation. Additional spaces have been designed for educational projects, the library as well as event and screening-space.

planAs we have been able to find out the building was constructed between the wars. It faces both Zaimi and Tositsa st. occupying a total of 1310,43 sqm. The constructors that have undertaken and already studied its' renovation shaping the new Museum are: -G. Kizis, Architect, Dipl. Restaurateur, DP. Professor N.M.P. -G. Tsopanakis, Civil Engineer -G. Askitopoulos, Electrician-mecanical Engineer.

The architectural and structural planning early as have been completed, are submitted for final approval to IPPO, which has recently declared our building a Monument of modern Heritage.

proposal1The renovation has been designed with absolute respect to its' typology, while ensuring three floors of showing spaces; two for accommodating the permanent exhibition of Spyropoulos works and a third for changing projects of the Foundation, or external partners. Furthermore we anticipate a space for educational projects on the ground floor, the library, as well as cafe and art-shop. On the roof-terace there will be an exhibition of large Sculptures and its rooms converted into projection spaces.

proposal2Currently the works on the building have stopped because of the limitations and special works required for its' reconstruction, ruled by the guidelines of the Department of Modern Monuments at the Ministry of Culture. These conditions have raised the initial construction costs.

The Foundation is not in a position to take on the high costs of constructing and developing the new Museum and is in search of funding.